Admiral Rodney HMS Formidable – Admiral Rodney Rum
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Admiral Rodney HMS Formidable

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HMS Formidable was Admiral Rodney’s flagship in the famous Battle of the Saints. Formidable was in the center of the British fleet and took advantage of a sudden change of wind to “break the line” and sail into the French fleet unleashing her 98 guns on Admiral de Grasse’s ships. Fighting with gusto and courage, Formidable’s gallantry has inspired an exceptional rum that celebrates valor, honor, and service.

TASTING NOTES: Intense dark golden color with a nose of wonderful honeyed raisin fruit, spiced and vanilla. A complex palate of luscious sweet sultans fruit balanced with toasty oak. Long finish leaving a lasting impression of the brilliance of great rum.

RUM BLEND: Admiral Rodney Formidable contains rums pulled exclusively from the lowest portion of the Coffey still possible resulting in a much heavier and more flavorful rum. These rums are then aged from 9-12 years in previously used Bourbon casks and expertly blended.

Aged Rum | 750ml | 40% ABV | St. Lucia